Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Disappointed in Big Daddy Drew

Two Virginia Tech football features are out today. First, The Quad. The New York Times blog puts the Hokies at No. 15, just like the rest of America. Paul Myerberg thinks we'll win our division and 10 games.

Next, the preview at has several tidbits about the Hokies, most of which Hokie fans already knew. One that I didn't? Sean Glennon is fourth among active ACC QBs in career passing yards.

Finally, there's Deadspin. Big Daddy Drew wrote a hater's guide to the Top 25 and most of them we're pretty funny and creative. The one that wasn't creative was his pithy jab at the Hokies:

15. Virginia Tech

Awesome campus-wide alert system you people have. Apparently, the only security alarm in Blacksburg is a guy hollering atop a donkey.

First of all, I'll never think April 16 is funny. No Hokies will. But my main issue isn't that he's making light of the tragedy, it's I expected more from BDD. His shots at Mizzou, West Virginia and Arizona State had me rolling. His shot at Tech was just lame.

And for the record, Drew, it's a mule, not a donkey.

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