Monday, August 25, 2008

CT Reports Tyrod Likely to Redshirt

The Collegiate Times, the Virginia Tech campus newspaper, reports Hokie sophomore quarterback Tyrod Taylor is likely to redshirt the 2008 season and senior Sean Glennon will be the team's fulltime starter.

The paper is citing a source "close to the football team." CT reports head coach Frank Beamer will make the formal announcement at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Honestly, I think the paper is jumping the gun by claiming Taylor will redshirt. It credits the source saying Glennon will start, but only says Taylor's redshirting is "likely" and doesn't credit it to the source. They may just be trying to pull in more readers. Hell, it go me to link to it.

If this is true, Taylor will follow the same route Glennon took during his Hokie career. Glennon was Virginia Tech's backup in 2004, redshirted in 2005 and was a starter the last two seasons.

It would also tell me the coaches have confidence in the wide receivers and running backs to be good enough playmakers that the quarterback won't have to compensate.

However, what happens if Glennon gets hurt? He's not mobile and was injured during the season last year. If he goes down, will the redshirt be pulled off Taylor a second consecutive season?

Also, the decision to redshirt him means Taylor would be eligible for the NFL after the 2009 season.

Taking everything into account, I think CT is full of it. Glennon will probably be named the starter tomorrow, but I seriously doubt Taylor redshirts.

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