Friday, August 22, 2008

Preseason ACC Power Poll 2008

This is completely different from the ACC predictions that ran every day for the past couple of weeks. This is more a reflection on how strong I think the teams are right now and less of a prediction of how I think the teams will finish. This will be updated each week.

1. Clemson
2. Virginia Tech
3. Wake Forest
4. Florida State
5. Boston College
6. Miami
7. North Carolina
8. Maryland
9. Virginia
10. Georgia Tech
11. NC State
12. Duke

- Yep. That's four Atlantic teams in the Top 5. I'm really glad the Hokies are in the Coastal this year.

- Clemson has all the hype and on paper appear to be the most dominant team in the conference. Unfortunately for Tommy Bowden, games aren't played on paper [/cliche]. The Hokies and Deacs are pretty much even, but this isn't a Wake Forest blog.

- I probably think too highly of both Florida State and Miami. But I'd really like both to have solid seasons so the talking heads will stop laying into the conference.

- Sorry, Gordo, but I don't believe in North Carolina or Butchie. They're at No. 7 by default, not because I think they're improved.

- UVa will much better than most people think they will. Georgia Tech will be much worse than most people think they will. NC State can jump up the power poll quickly with a win over South Carolina in Week 1.

Finally, a few more preseason picks:

ACC Player of the Year
Josh Adams, RB, Wake Forest

ACC Offensive Player of the Year
Josh Adams, RB, Wake Forest

ACC Defensive Player of the Year
Macho Harris, CB, Virginia Tech

ACC Coach of the Year
Randy Shannon, Miami

ACC Rookie of the Year
DeQuan Bowers, DE, Clemson


Brian said...

I'm not high on Florida State, and think you should switch BC and FSU, but appreciate the love at #5.

Also, Bowers over Josh Haden for ACC ROY? Interesting.

Chili said...

DaQuan Bowers, ESPN's #1 recruit in the nation, who has already earned a starting spot, over this Haden kid isn't as much interesting as it is completely fucking obvious.

Also, I don't buy UNC for a minute. Butchie will improve them but not this much, this fast.

Brian said...

I don't think UNC is very talented, but given the general suckitude of the rest of the Coastal, they could easily finish 2nd in the division.

And let's not go doling out the hardware just yet. Let's see Clemson live up to the hype before anything is a foregone conclusion.

Chili said...

I think Bowers will live up to his hype. Whether or not Clemson does is another matter altogether. :)