Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Day After

I thought that 24 hours after the Hokies lost the Tar Heels 79-76 I'd be more rational. I am not. I still put this one squarely on shoddy ACC officiating.

While I'm not convinced the Hokies would have won had a foul been called on North Carolina in the final seconds of yesterday's game, I am convinced it was a foul and the call made on the floor was wrong.

That hasn't changed. Neither has my new-found hatred of North Carolina and Tyler Hansbrough. I used to like North Carolina and used to root for it more often than not when it wasn't playing Virginia Tech. No longer. I already don't watch Duke-Carolina games because it's the most overrated rivalry in sports, but now I don't even have a rooting interest.

I despise Hansbrough as well. With the way he's treated by officials and the calls he gets, he is an honorary Duke Blue Devil in my eyes. His game is about initiating contact and getting calls. I can no longer tolerate the sight of him.

The Hokies were not a good basketball team this year. They were a team that consistently played to the level of their competition and in reality were never a threat to make the NCAA Tournament. They had one big win against Wake Forest doesn't look nearly as impressive now as when it happened. We were a mediocre team at best and the definition of an NIT team. Therefore, that's where we're headed.


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- BCO has calmed down a little [beer pun] and is no long hopping mad [/beer pun].

- But The North End Zone will not calm down, thank you very much.

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- Yes, Carolina March, Hansbrough did cost us the game. But he committed a foul to do it.

- TarEye or BuckHeel thinks it was the right call, but was made late.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you don't check out StateFansNation more often.

You should add this to your links:

ebj said...

i don't hate unc or tyler, i hate the the calls they get. now, i hate doook, coach k, the players, the students 99% of the coeds and i hate teh calls they get.

Anonymous said...

Hansbourgh missed out on JJ Redick's ACC scoring record by 2 points. HA HA!

The thing that I noticed was almost an identical play happened in the final minutes of the FSU game as the JT Thompson-Hansbourgh jump ball, but of course a foul was called on the FSU player against Hansbourgh. Fortunately for FSU they hit shots and when UNC missed shots at the end there was not an FSU player close enough for the refs to call the foul.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Hansbrough's many times has he been mugged with no call? It just depends on what colored glasses you are looking through. There could have been a foul on that play...but there were at least 4 or 5 other instances where calls were questionable that went against UNC. This is a dead horse..officiating is blamed for everything.. You should visit - they are the Kings of complaints about officiating.. the reason they didn't make any post season tournaments is because of the calls I am sure......