Monday, March 16, 2009

Things that get me to football: Wii

This is a quasi-regular feature on things that help me make it from the BCSCG to Labor Day weekend and the start of callllllllage footbawl season.

Nothing beats kicking the shit out of middle schoolers online at Mario Kart Wii at 3 in the morning. To date, I have never lost on Moonview Highway.

For a while, Wii Fit was also pretty addicting particularly the penguin slide. We somehow turned Wii Fit into a drinking game, which I'm pretty sure defeated the purpose of Wii Fit.

"Dude, I kicked your ass on 'tree pose'. Drink!"

But now that we finally have Rock Band, that's taken up most of our time. Our band, "Tell Your Mom I Said Thanks," is currently touring Europe performing Rush covers.

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