Monday, March 9, 2009

Pop goes the bubble 'cause the bubble goes pop

Thanks to atrocious shooting and 63-53 loss to Florida State Sunday, the Hokies are officially off the bubble. Anyone who thinks this team is one of the 65 best teams in the country is certifiably insane.

Tech has lost six of its last seven and eight of its last 11 games. The Hokies, to continue our 3rd Bass theme, have been playing like derelicts of Diakite.

The good news is Tech will likely get a couple of home games in the NIT considering how well attended last year's NIT games at Das Casseell were. The bad news is unlike last year this year's trip to the NIT won't be considered a triumph.

Technically, the Hokies aren't completely out of the NCAA Tournament picture. If they win ACC tournament this week, they receive the league's automatic bid. Of course, no team has ever won four games in four days to capture the ACC tourney title.

Tech's first round opponent will be Miami, which is also on the bubble and also finished 7-9 in ACC play. Tech beat the Hurricanes earlier this year in Coral Gables and has a history of success against them. The Hokies also beat Miami in the quarterfinals of last year's ACC tournament and are 6-2 against the 'Canes since joining the ACC.


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