Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yet Another Must Win for Hokies

Virginia Tech Hokies (17-12, 7-8)
Florida State Seminoles (22-8, 9-6)
Tallahasse, Fla., 2 p.m., Raycom

Enough bubble teams, especially in the ACC, have lost in the last week that Tech's Tournament hopes are no longer a lost cause. If the Hokies beat FSU Sunday, get two wins in the ACC tournament and enough bubble teams blow it in the next week, they could make the field of 65.

But first, the Hokies have to go on the road and beat the Seminoles. Quite frankly, I have no faith in this team coming through in a must-win situation. They blew it enough times last year that they went to the NIT and have proven time and again down the stretch of this season they have no business being in The Tournament.

A loss Sunday in Tally would honestly do us all a favor by taking the drama out of the next seven days.


- Tech Hoops says the 'Noles are a one-man show.

- The North End Zone's girlfriend has a thing for dolphins.

- Bourbonstreet over at the newly-named Blogsburg notes that FSU actually wins its close games.

- Tech Sideline actually likes that this game is on the road.

- TrueCubbie at Tomahawk Nation is the best basketball blogger in the ACC. He breaks down the game here.

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Anonymous said...

After the loss Greenburg said "We play the games in our league. It's great to look back, I'm not embarrassed by being 7-9 in this league and where we've come the last five years. We've done some special things. I have no apologies for that. We have to close out games, recruit and continue to build the program. I know one thing. Every place I've been, after I left the team got worse. We are doing some good things and we need to continue to acquire talent and build the program and get better."

"Every place I've been, after I left the team got worse." Sounds like Seth is feeling some heat. Hey Seth at least Gary Williams won a National Title to defend his heat with.