Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Can't the Hokies Scrimmage Other Schools?

One thing that perplexes me about college football is teams aren't allowed to scrimmage during spring or summer practices. This makes absolutely no sense.

High school teams are allowed to scrimmage prior to their season. And in my state, non-district games have no bearing on whether or not a team makes the playoffs, so those might as well be exhibitions.

NFL teams not only scrimmage, but play meaningless preseason games as well. There's no reason for the level between high school at the NFL to not have scrimmages.

I think it would be in the sports best interest to let teams scrimmage. If not in August, then at least during spring drills. Virginia Tech would get a much better bearing on its players and be better prepared for Alabama if it was allowed to scrimmage Liberty or another team that's close by prior to the season.

This part is probably just a pipe dream, but it might also cut down on the number of teams who load up on I-AA teams out of conference. I'm sure a lot of coaches choose to play cupcakes so they have a better idea of what they need to fix before conference play starts.


Seth Curry

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Atlantic Coast Conference

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- BCO needs a team to bid on in the Sweet 16. My original pick of Memphis is available, but looking at my bracket he may want to avoid it.

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- Hockey, pierogies and sexual tension.

- George Kottaras will be Tim Wakefield's personal catcher this year. Once, in Portland, Ore., I saw Kottaras take a foul ball ... um ... below the equator, writhe around on the ground in pain for 10 minutes, get up and finish catching the game. Like a champion.

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ebj said...

gotta feeling memphis may go for a bunch of loot too. hokiejaybee likes them as well, maybe i will reconsider.