Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Annette is at it again

This time, she thinks we need to watch out for the Dukies in Lane Stadium South Wallace Wade Stadium.

and watch out for Duke (seriously). The Blue Devils came dangerously close to beating the Hokies with their backup quarterback in Blacksburg last season.

At this point I'm starting to wonder if she is trying to get fired from ESPN so she can go back to covering the Terps. The two games she singles out as being difficult are our games against Duke and UVa. That's right, the only two ACC teams that didn't go bowling last year.

We have to play at Georgia Tech and Maryland and those are the only two games she singles out? She loves her some PJ and Fridge, so you'd figure those would be the two games she'd pick us to have trouble with. Nope. We better watch out against Dook and the 'Hoos.

Then again, maybe Annette is sneakier than I thought. She knew we would criticize her love of Georgia Tech and Maryland if she mentioned those two as our toughest games, so she went the other way with it. In the words of Muldoon from Jurassic Park, clever girl.

In other news...

- The N&O's Luke DeCock (snicker) writes that our game with Alabama is the best game involving an ACC team this year.

- Tech Hoops previews tomorrow's game at france. As always, it's a must-read before watching the game.

- The Sabres get another shot at Justin Pogge tonight. We gave him a thorough ass-kicking thanks to porous defense and never-ending odd-man rushes last time around. Hopefully the "Hockey Gods" don't punish us after his defense forsakes him again:

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine warns me every year that Duke is improved and a trap game. Every year they go down.