Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LOI Day Survival Kit

No surprises so far for the Hokies on signing day. The key names have all faxed in their LOIs. Tech has hauled in a decent crop of players who, with minimal exception, won't see the playing field for another two years, if at all. So we can stop obsessing over them. Unless of course you're bored at work like I am. In which case you can check out these links to pass the time.

Live Video: VTPhreak4evr is nice enough to stream ESPN's round-the-clock coverage of the signing bonanza.

To Catch a Recruiting Predator: You didn't think this many old men could obsess over 18 year-olds without Chris Hansen getting involved, did you?

ESPN Recruiting Guide: At least the esteemed Heather Dinich gave us "best gameday atmosphere" in the ACC. Ticker: OMG! DW faxed in his LOI!

HokieSports Recruit Profiles: See all the stats your favorite recruit posted against inferior competition.

TechSideline Message Board: It's like alcoholics anonymous, but with more booze and less crying (that last part's probably not true).

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