Monday, February 16, 2009

Showcasing Lane Stadium

A friend of mine who's as a big a college football fan as you will find wants to road trip with me to Lane Stadium this year. However, being an Oklahoma grad, he's unwilling to miss an OU home game.

Therefore, we've come up with two choices for his Lane Stadium experience: Sept. 26 against Miami (an OU off week) or Oct. 29 against UNC on a Thursday. Being a veteran of the last three Thursday Night specials at Lane, I know how insane the place is for those games.

However, Miami is Miami. So what do I do? Do I suggest he come to Blacksburg for the guaranteed night game against the Heels and then high-tail it back the next day so he can see OU play K-State? Or do I bring him to Blacksburg on a Saturday when the Hokies play one of their most hated rivals? Right now, I'm leaning toward the Miami game. What are your thoughts?

UPDATE (2:40 pm): Unanimously, the vote is for the Thursday Night game against UNC. Now, the questions is how do I convince him to skip the OU-KSU game on Oct. 31 and go to The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party/Coke Orgy instead?


Sean Hogan said...

If I were you, I'd take him to the Thursday night game. The Miami game has lost its shine the last few years in the eyes of casual Hokie fans (aka freshmen, Brosephs and most girls). The Thursday night game is always guaranteed to be ridickidonkulous.

cgb said...

I would agree with Sean on this one. North Carolina should be at an absolute worst, 5-2, and in the hunt for the ACCCG when they travel to Lane. Even if we were playing JMU on a Thursday night Lane would be electric.

ebj said...

THURSDAY night ... unless Miami is a night game too (doubtful.)

Winfield Featherston said...

Thursday night man. It's a guarantee.

HokieJayBee said...



Anonymous said...

Defintely Thursday!