Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Giglio: Keep VT, Boot BC and Miami

JP Giglio of ACC Now wrote another one of those columns that waxes poetic about the salad days of the ACC when all that mattered was basketball and every basketball team played each other twice. It's the same type of column you see about five or six times every ACC basketball season. It's so common there's pretty much a formula for it.

All of them start with getting rid of the three Big East teams that ruined everything and going back to being a nine-team league. Except, in this case, Giglio didn't get the memo. He'd be OK with a 10 team league. The team he'd keep?

Give back the football money, ACC. Seriously, it's not too late.

We all make mistakes. Just admit you made one in expansion and give Boston College and Miami back to the Big East (but keep Virginia Tech, please).

Ten teams is all you need. The only casualty would be the colossal failure that is the ACC Championship Game in football.

The upside? A true football championship, with every team actually playing each other, and the return of the round-robin in basketball.

You like us! You really like us!


Brian said...

Honestly, without Boston College the last few years, ACC football is Conference USA.

JP Giggity Giggity can suck a d--k.

Also, lest we forget, since 2005, a small school in Chestnut Hill has the third highest ACC winning percentage in basketball, behind only UNC and Duke. Just sayin.

Winfield Featherston said...

Man, when the Big East schools came in, they won and made their presence felt in some aspect. VT came out in basketball as did Miami. They all have their influence.

Brian said...

It would be tough to give the boot to just 2 ACC schools, but if they did, Boston College and Virginia Tech would probably be one of the last ones out ...

Can't kick out Duke/UNC. Football sucks/mediocre but great hoops.

Can't kick out BC or VT otherwise you have MAC football. Plus both have overachieved in hoops.

Wake and Georgia Tech have been above average in football ...

Florida State and Miami have to be great again in football sometime, right ... right?

Clemson has to stay to remain the de facto annual overhyped football team and suddenly they have a hoops team, and Maryland, while irrelevant in football, has had some great hoops teams.

If I had to give the boot to two, Virginia and NC State provide marginally benefit in the big money sports IMO. NC State to join in-state rival ECU in C-USA?