Friday, February 13, 2009

OT: Weekend guide for single people

CGB has his own off-topic discussion at his blog.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Or, as us single people call it, "Saturday". I live with two other guys who are in long-term, committed relationships. So, I'm going to have the house to myself tomorrow, which is going to be awesome.

Here's how I plan on getting through the day. Leave your own ideas in the comments. Unless your idea is to watch NBA All-Star Weekend. No one cares.

Morning: Golf

I've played golf each of the last three Valentine's Days. The courses are deserted. While all the slow-playing hacks are off with their wives at some restaurant I can't afford, I'm on the course enjoying one of the few days I can walk without having a bunch of bald, fat, ass holes in carts complaining how slow I am since I'm on foot.

If you're not walking, you're not golfing.

Afternoon: VT at Maryland

This is for those of you on the East Coast only. I'll probably just play another nine holes. The Hokies have had the Terps number as of late and Gary and Grievous are on the verge of a complete meltdown.

Can we make Gary and Grievous live together and then give them their own reality show? I'd watch that. Then again, I DVR "Tool Academy" so I'm probably not the best test audience for whether or not a reality show is good.

Late Afternoon: Hooters

The V-Day crowds are always fun at Hooters. Plus you'll occasionally be assigned a waitress who's single and desperate on Valentine's Day. Or at least one willing to act that way for a fat tip. It doesn't really matter.

Evening: Hockey Night in Canada

Thank you, NHL Network, for giving me this wonderful gift. This week it's Pittsburgh at Toronto and Calgary at Phoenix. The Leafs have given Sid fits this year, particularly on HNIC, so that will be a fun game. Calgary is at least a fun team to watch and has one of the better goalies in the West. Plus, I can only imagine the suit Don Cherry is going to break out for Valentine's Day.

Night: Wild Turkey Rare Breed

This is my Valentine's Day present to myself. Costs just as much as flowers.


ebj said...

hooters ... dude you lost some street cred. wimins who pimp t-shirts and calendars (who usually aren't that hot anymore) with awful breaded chicken wings.

you will need to kick ass the next couple of weeks for me to forget this.

furrer4heisman said...


we don't have a bone daddy's here. im thinking of going to eischen's, which is a legendary ... well, to call it a dive bar would be offensive to dive bars ... bar here in the 405. they have three items on their menu: fried chicken (served by the chicken), fried okra and beer.

cgb said...


I am in defense of Hooters here. Their wings may suck, but in my part of the country the waitresses are still hot, have their tits sticking out and the beers are cheep.