Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from Jeff Allen

No. 0 let the Maryland student section know they were No. 1.

Hat Tip: Testudo Times


ebj said...

awful decision by JA, but i love how maryland fans the scourge of the ACC are ripping him. the irony is thick! JA isn't close to the douche Vasquez and his "theatrics" are, oh well. JA will never be a team leader, just sorta got work around him when he goes bonehead like this.

Anonymous said...

I saw a spotlight segment awhile back on Virgina Tech Sports Today tv show on Allen. The interviewer asked him the toughest places to play and one of them was MD. He said because of the fans that its funny, but gets to you.

The ironic thing was I was giving the tv the finger as he fouled out being pissed at his sucky play. A few seconds later I see him flashing it back to me on my tv! lol

cgb said...

If you can't beat them then flick them off!

Hokie Guru said...

CGB, we've owned maryland in male sports... this is the first time in four tries that the terps won in men's hoops... go back and look at prior meetings.