Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hokies have hope after topping Tigers

Just when I thought the season was over, the Hokies go and do something like this. Tech went on the road and beat Clemson 80-77 last night to snap a three-game losing streak overall, a three-game road losing streak and a four-game losing streak against Clemson. Tech is now back on the bubble with Duke and UNC coming to Blacksburg in the next seven days.

Now I think if the Hokies win two of their next three, they're in the tournament. Wins over both Duke and UNC almost guarantee a spot in the field, according to research by ACC Now's JP Giglio. A win over one of the two at home and a win on the road in Tallahassee to end the year, to me, would also get them in The Tournament. The Hokies would be 9-7 in ACC play, including 4-4 on the road if they did that.

And should the Hokies play their next three games like they did last night, they will be tough to beat. Malcolm Delaney is back to the form he showed at the beginning of ACC play. He scored 26 points, including four 3-pointers.

The Hokies again struggled from the free throw line as a team, but the three players they need to excel at the line, Delaney, AD Vassallo and Hank Thorns, combined to make 14 of 17. The one downside is the Hokies were again out-rebounded by a team that doesn't exactly dwarf them inside. Jeff Allen's five offensive rebounds were key, though.

This is a very inconsistent team that I still don't think is very good. However, they now have hope and momentum going into a very difficult three games to end the regular season.


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