Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bricks, Ovie Time and Links

There are some days I wish I lived out East and was able to see the Hokies when they're on regional TV. Then, there are some days I'm glad watching the Hokies isn't an option. Last night definitely fell into the latter category.

Without Cheick Diakite's 4-for-5, the Hokies shot 33 percent last night against the Wahoos in a 75-61 loss at the JPJ. The fact is this just isn't a very good basketball team. Yes, they beat No. 1 Wake Forest. But so did Georgia Tech and NC State. Jeff Allen wouldn't have made a difference last night as Tech continues its death spiral toward the NIT.

For the record, today is day 1,545 of Virginia Tech's continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

Um. Wow.

If you didn't see Ovechkin's goal last night against the Hapless Habs, take a look. The best part of this goal was the pass to himself off the boards. Incredible.

You Should have Seen the Rorschach Test

Dane over at The Legacy x4 decided to play Hokie football word association with me after I had been overserved at a bar. Hilarity ensued.

So You're Saying there's a Chance

CGB finds a link on Rivals that says we're one of six teams with a legit shot at the national title. Am I the only one who thinks the talent level will be down across the board in college football next year? It just seems like there aren't nearly as many great teams going into next season and right now it's a two-horse race between Florida and Texas. Everyone else is very flawed. Maybe I'm just trying to talk myself into thinking Tech has a chance to hoist the crystal next season.


- Bourbonstreet over at TSL Blogs lost a bet on last night's basketball game. Read the comments.

- Will Stewart from TSL helped ACC Sports Journal take our pulse. Most of it was about basketball and recruiting, neither of which I care about right now.

- Annette is ripping off the BC Interruption guys and will give us a Mt. Rushmore for every football team in the ACC.

- Roy Williams wasn't the only one dropping F-bombs last night. BCO has his reaction to the basketball loss.


cgb said...

We didn't get the game in the north east either. I had to watch it streaming online made possible by vtphreak4evr.

I agree Jeff Allen wouldn't have done enough to help us win, we just give up too many wide open looks at three.

Winfield Featherston said...

Alright. I'll admit it. That goal was pretty sick. I think it was his little twirl at "mid-ice". Is that even a word?

Sean Hogan said...

I love me some Ovechkin. Finally, it's a good time to be a Caps fan.

Anonymous said...

This team needs some diversity and no I don't mean a white guy on the court like tight end Jeff King a few years ago. I mean some jump shooters. Bell, Hudson, Thorns, Thompson can one of these guys make an open jump shot? We have too many athletic and bruiser type players who can't shoot. I sure hope Greenburg has some pure shooters coming in next year. 0 points off the bench for the majority of the game just does not cut it. It's insane how many minutes a big guy like AD Vassalo plays because him and I guess Delaney are the only jump shooters on the team.