Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008 VT Preview - Kickers

For the first time in a long time, we may have issues with the kicking game this season. The Hokies lost their starting snapper, holder and kicker from 2007. And unlike 2007, this year's starter will have no game experience.

Jud Dunlevy did a fantastic job kicking for Tech last season, but had seen time on kickoffs prior to winning the kicking job. However, this year's expected start, senior Dustin Keys, has no game experience.

I'd hate to see what will happen if Tech needs a big kick in an early game this year. I suspect the Hokies will go for it or punt when facing longer field goals in early games. The coaches will want to build Keys' confidence before getting into the teeth of the ACC schedule.

However, in games that aren't so close (read: Furman), they may elect to send Keys out for a 50+ yard field goal.

At punter, everything is A-OK. Brent Bowden could be the All-ACC punter by the end of the season. He not only has a cannon for a leg, but has shown the ability to pull out the wedge and pin opponents deep.

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