Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Boston College Won't Win the ACC in '08

This is part of our preseason breakdowns of the ACC teams that aren't Virginia Tech. I'll tell you why all the teams that aren't the Hokies are colossal failures that won't win the ACC. I'll also give each of them one redeeming value.

Boston College

Why Boston College won't win the ACC in '08:

1. No Boston sports fans will know the team is playing until early November.

2. By November, this team will have four losses.
3. No Matt Ryan.
4. Coach Jagoffaduzumszinski is the new Chuck Amato. One good quarterback does not a good coach make.

Boston College's One Redeeming Value:

The game's in Boston this year. I'm told I had a good time there in '06. Somehow, I managed to rack up an $86 tab at Cask 'n' Flagon. Good thing there's a Dunkies on every street corner on the next day would have been a struggle. Yes, I run on Dunkin'.

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