Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Clemson Won't Win the ACC in '08

This is part of our preseason breakdowns of the ACC teams that aren't Virginia Tech. I'll tell you why all the teams that aren't the Hokies are colossal failures that won't win the ACC. I'll also give each of them one redeeming value.


Why Clemson won't win the ACC in '08:

1. The Tigers have a tendency to wear purple-on-purple. It doesn't look good, guys.
2. Tommy Bowden has not won a significant game in his tenure at Clemson.
3. Their offensive line could follow the lead of the 2007 VT offensive line and be all kinds of terrible.
4. Clemson women like the wear overalls. Attention women of Clemson: Orange overalls are not a good look.
5. QB's name is Cullen. You don't win titles with QBs named Cullen.

Clemson's One Redeeming Value:

Tommy Bowden's daughter, Lauren, is smokin'. Don't believe me? Look to the left.

I've been told there are very NSFW pictures of Lauren available on the Internet. If you search hard enough, you'll probably find them. I recommend Google Images.


Willy Mac said...

Not to sound like an ass but two things are wrong here. TB, as much as I don't prefer him, has won more than a few significant games at CU... do your homework. He's just more well known for almost winning important games as well. Secondly, of all my years of going to Clemson as well as the games, the chicks that wear orange overalls are few and far in between. If you've never been to Death Valley on gameday you should probably remain mum on the hotness of our coeds.

furrer4heisman said...

Clemson is definitely an ACC school with an SEC problem when it comes to women (that's a compliment). I just noticed a lot of chicks in overalls on my visit.

Still, wish we played you guys every year. Enjoyed my time at TTT.