Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 VT Preview - Quarterbacks

During almost his entire Virginia Tech career, fate has conspired against senior Sean Glennon. Now, when it seems he's finally won the starting job. When he's finally convinced everyone he's a worthy starting quarterback and super-human, super-sophomore Tyrod Taylor should be used for a change of pace or only in certain situations, it appears fate has duped him once more.

With Virginia Tech's lack of playmakers and experience at running back and wide receiver, it appears Taylor will see more action in the fall because the Hokies need his ability to make defenders look stupid.

I won't argue that Taylor is the Hokies QB of the future. He'll likely be Tech's starter next season and he'll likely be an excellent one.

But Glennon has earned this season. He saved the Hokies last year and led them to a title. He improved game-by-game and is the Hokies' best option as the conductor of the offense.

He's had two bad bowl games, but Taylor wasn't exactly spectacular against Kansas, either. That's why until he proves that he's a better leader of the team than Glennon, he should be utilized only in situations where the Hokies need to throw a curveball to the opposing defense.

And Taylor will get his chances, as well. Glennon doesn't have much mobility and was injured against Florida State last year.

But this is Glennon's team. Give him a chance to have one last season and see what he can do with the reins.

My guess is Tyrod will get a lot of playing time early on while guys are establishing themselves at wide receiver and running back. I just hope this doesn't turn into a situation like some baseball teams go through where the "blow the team up" and play all the young guys.

Is it possible the coaches would play Tyrod, Ryan Williams and Dyrell Roberts to get them experience with an eye toward 2009? Sure. But I have more faith in the coaching staff than that. I expect Glennon will still get most of the snaps. He's the team leader. He's earned the right to play his senior season.

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