Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Wake Forest Won't Win the ACC in '08

This is part of our preseason breakdowns of the ACC teams that aren't Virginia Tech. I'll tell you why all the teams that aren't the Hokies are colossal failures that won't win the ACC. I'll also give each of them one redeeming value.

Wake Forest

Why Wake Forest won't win the ACC in '08:

1. Coach is a 'Hoo.
2. Mascot is an old man who rides a motorcycle.
3. Sold out and named stadium for a bank.
4. Players want to blow up campus.

Wake Forest's One Redeeming Value:

Will return to mediocrity when Grobe leaves.


the rambling one said...

Whoa buddy on reason #4. Not funny, at all. Really.

jamesda3 said...

1. Yep Grobe is a hoo and we love him
2. Yea he is and old intimidating deacon who happens to make his entrance on a motorcycle at least he is not a turkey, a bird universally slaughtered.
3. Did sell out the stadium only the field rights the stadium is still Groves do some research.
4. Really coming from a VT fan I would think you would be a little different our your recent tragedy. This is kid was making a stupid joke on face book and he suffered the consequneces.

Redeeming Value

Doesn't look like Grobe is going anywhere many have tried and yet he stays.

jamesda3 said...

What I was trying to say in #4 is that how you make fun of something like that with your recent tragedy at VT that comment was in poor taste.