Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All-Beamer Team: Special Teams

The concept for the All-Beamer Team was blatantly stolen from MGoBlog.com. It is the best players at each position since Beamer took over in 1987. Three weeks ago, we announced the nominees for the All-Beamer Team on special teams. Now, here are our picks:

K: Shayne Graham
Other Nominees: Brandon Pace, Mickey Thomas, Chris Kinzer
- Would probably win because of the Miracle in Morgantown alone. However, that kick in 1999 was just the icing on top of a great career.

P: Nic Schmitt
Other Nominees: Vinnie Burns, Jimmy Kibble, Robbie Colley
- Just once I wish Schmitt had the chance to deck a punt returner. He was a big dude. The Hokies have had a history of good punters and the current one, Brent Bowden, may end up being the best.

PR: Andre Davis
Other Nominees: Eddie Royal, DeAngelo Hall, Antonio Freeman
- Hall was probably better, but I like Davis more and felt he was more reliable. Hall scored more touchdowns, but your were more likely to get good field position from Davis.

KR: Eddie Royal
KR: Jon Jeffries

Other Nominees: Mike Imoh, Bryan Still
- Royal and Jeffries both led the Hokies in kick return yards in three separate seasons. Both were naturals at returning kickoffs.

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