Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Odds to win the ACC

Yesterday I touched on team and player prop bets that were posted by Bodog, the official illegal online gambling site of furrer4heisman. Here's Bodog's odds to win the ACC championship game:

Clemson: 9 to 5
Virginia Tech: 5 to 2
Florida State: 4 to 1
Miami: 9 to 2
Wake Forest: 7 to 1
North Carolina: 8 to 1
Georgia Tech: 15 to 1
Maryland: 15 to 1
Boston College: 20 to 1
NC State: 30 to 1
Virginia: 50 to 1
Duke: 100 to 1

If you're like me and you love long-shots, Virginia at 50 to 1 isn't a bad bet. They've still got some talent, they are pretty good at the skill positions, have a good O-line and are in the weaker division. All they would have to do is get lucky in the ACCCG and you've got a pretty good pay day. No real surprises with the odds, except Wake being 7 to 1. I figured they would be closer to 4/1 or 5/1, like FSU is. Guess Bodog feels the same way about FSU that Phil Steele does.

Here are the ACC teams' odds to win the national title, according to Bodog:

Virginia Tech: 20 to 1
Clemson: 22 to 1
Florida State: 50 to 1
Miami: 60 to 1
Boston College: 100 to 1
Georgia Tech: 100 to 1
Maryland: 100 to 1
North Carolina: 100 to 1
NC State: 100 to 1
Virginia: 100 to 1
Wake Forest: 100 to 1
Field (Duke): 25 to 1

Riddle me this, oddsmakers: Clemson is the odds-on favorite to win the ACC, but the Hokies have better odds to win it all? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. A couple of bets I like here are Clemson at 22/1 and Wake at 100/1. The Tigers have a lot of talent and could conceivably win a national title this year. 22/1 is a great bet. And Wake? They have a favorable schedule and a veteran team. I could see them running the table in the regular season and getting a shot at the championship. A $5 bet gets you $500 if it happens. I'm putting $5 on the Deacs and $20 on the Tigers.

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