Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bud to Clemson? No way.

We've known about Bud Foster's desire to be a head coach for a few years now. The last couple of off seasons have been filled with talk of Bud having interest in a few jobs. He was even approached about being South Carolina's defensive coordinator this past off season.

Now that Clemson has fired Tommy Bowden, more questions are arising as to whether or not Foster will be gone at the end of the year. Kyle Tucker has Bud's quotes on the Clemson opening. College Game Balls chimes in on the subject.

The reality Virginia Tech faces is that unless it gives Bud a Jimbo-Fisher-Esque deal, we are going lose him. However, Bud has said several times he wants to go to a good BCS program to be a head coach.

The problem is, those schools aren't likely to come calling. If it was going to happen, it would have happened the year after Bud's defenses finished best in the nation three years in a row. But it didn't. I have no doubt Bud will be a good head coach, but if he wants to do it in the BCS conferences, he's going to have to go some place like Duke, Vanderbilt or one of the Big East schools and build a program that isn't already established.

Established programs like Clemson usually don't go after guys who have no college head coaching experience. And if they do, it's usually for a guy with NFL experience, like Brian Van Gorder, or the current young hot shot like Will Muschamp. I'm sorry, but I don't see Bud as a viable candidate for jobs like Clemson and Tennessee.

I'd like to see Bud named as Virginia Tech's coach in waiting. It makes me wonder why he hasn't already. Does he think Beamer is going to coach longer than he's willing to wait to be a head coach? Or do the decision makers not think Bud would be right as VT's next coach?

I think eventually Bud will realize that in order to get a big-time BCS job he's going to have to go and have success in the MAC or CUSA. When he does, Virginia Tech will move on and we'll wish Bud the best of luck. However, until then, I think it's wishful thinking on his part to think Clemson or Tennessee is going to come calling.

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