Friday, October 3, 2008

Hokie fans will decide election

From Carolina March comes this bit of info:

According to an article in the New Yorker, Barack Obama could need to carry Virginia to win November's election. The Commonwealth typically votes Republican, and win the state, he needs to win over the staunchly Republican Southwest portion of the state (including Halifax Country, rep-ra-zent!). And, of course, most of SW Va. is Hokie fans.

It helps Obama's cause that one of his biggest supporters is former Democratic Governor Mark Warner, who is wildly popular among Republican and Democrat Hokie fans alike. Why? Because Warner is almost solely responsible for getting the Hokies in to the ACC.

In office, Warner repaid the region by persuading two high-tech companies to move to Lebanon, and fought to get Virginia Tech—Virginia Polytechnic Institute, in the Blue Ridge town of Blacksburg—into the Atlantic Coast Conference. “Mark Warner has become part of the culture,” Saunders says. “We accept him as part of who we are, if for no other reason—God damn, he got V.P.I. into the A.C.C.! I mean, it’s a big damned deal.”

That's right, Hokie fans. You may decide this election.

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