Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some quick FSU thoughts

FSU 30, Tech 20

- Who would have thought Cory Holt is our best quarterback?

- Glennon did fine when he wasn't taking a ridiculous amount of sacks. Get rid of the ball, Glennon.

- We still control our own destiny in the Coastal.

- If we don't rough the punter, do we win that game?

- We still control our own destiny int he Coastal.

- I was pleased with how we were able to get pressure on Ponder.

- I was also please that Stiney threw some wrinkles into the offense, like using misdirection to take advantage of FSU's speed and over-pursuit as well as running the option.

- We still control our own destiny in the Coastal.

- We will either rally behind Cory Holt (I'm preparing for him to be the guy against at least Maryland) or things will fall apart like Pre-ACC Virginia Tech.


Hokie Guru said...

Jason Worilds played well yesterday.

hokieglenn said...

Yes, I forgot to mention him. Jason is very, very fun to watch. Glad he's on our side.