Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's Do Some Lines: Week 6

Here are the ACC lines for Week 6 with my picks in bold. All lines are from Bodog, the official illegal online gambling site of furrer4heisman.

BC -9.5 at NC State
- I don't see a lot of points in this one.
Maryland -14 at Virginia
- UVa has quit.
UConn +7 at North Carolina
- Hopefully they'll play Sexton more.
Duke +14.5 at Georgia Tech
- This is a very even matchup. I'll take the Devils to cover. Amazingly, both teams are 3-0 ATS.
Florida State +2 at Miami
- This is a straight-up guess. I like FSU's talent and defense more.
WKU +27.5 at Virginia Tech
- Hopefully Hokies can keep the O rolling.

Other teams I like:

Air Force -6 vs. Navy
- I'm riding USAFA until it loses me money.
Oklahoma -27 at Baylor
- We'll see exactly how far the Bears have come.
Colorado +14 vs. Texas
- No way both will be unbeaten going to Dallas.
Kentucky +17 at Alabama
- Let down game?
Florida -25 at Arkansas
- Arkansas is terrible.

How I did last week against the spread:

ACC: 6-1
Correct: Duke, Maryland, FSU, Navy, USF, VT
Wrong: Miami
Nation: 2-3
Correct: UConn, Oklahoma
Wrong: Florida, Auburn, Fresno

Year to date:

ACC: 18-12
Nation: 14-9
Total: 32-21


Anonymous said...

It is interesting when you look at us against the spread. When we were under Chain Gailey it was key that you NOT take us. We were horrible against the spread.

Brian said...

I agree with all of your ACC picks except for one ...

furrer4heisman said...

just because im picking them to cover...

Brian said...

I am no longer amused.

furrer4heisman said...

haha. when i saw that on my reader this morning i wondered what your response would be. she's brutal.