Friday, October 24, 2008

Send your Goin' Clubbing story suggestions

One of the regular features of this site, and my favorite, is Goin' Clubbing, which highlights the club sports at Virginia Tech. It's profiled a lot of regular students at Virginia Tech who work hard and spend a lot of time and energy representing Virginia Tech without being on scholarship. Click here to read them.

However, there hasn't been a Goin' Clubbing feature in a while (July 16 to be exact). A lot of that has to do with the fact it's football season and I've been obsessing with that. Some of it is because other stories I've pursued fell through. If you're a club sport athlete at Tech or know of a good club sports story, please E-mail me. I'd like to get more club sports featured on the blog.


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Anonymous said...

These are just straight facts and statistics. No smoke and mirrors. No opinions. No grey area. Purely black and white.

From ESPN article:

Virginia Tech (5-2, 2-1 ACC) enters Saturday's game at Florida State (5-1, 2-1) with one of the worst offenses in the ACC, and the 110th offense in the country out of 119 FBS teams. The Hokies' passing offense is No. 114, and has been the core of their ineptitude. For the second-straight weekend, Virginia Tech will face one of the best defenses in the country on the road. This one, though, the staff thinks is even better.

Some teams above Virginia Tech include:

Miami (Ohio)
Middle Tennesee State
Louisianna Monroe
Central Michigan

and on and on and on...

you can get that info here:

Past year's Offense ranks:

2008 - Rank 110 (current)
2007 - Rank 100
2006 - Rank 99
2005 - Rank 57
2004 - Rank 65
2003 - Rank 38
2002 - Rank 64
2001 - Rank 64
2000 - Rank 20 (Michael Vick QB)

So in the past 8 years Virginia Tech has cracked the top 50 in offense 2 times. One year they had arguably the best offensive player in the country and they were 20th.

Defensively Virginia Tech has been decent but at least consistent - staying in the top 50 6 out of 8 years:

2007 - Rank 4
2006 - Rank 1
2005 - Rank 57
2004 - Rank 65
2003 - Rank 38
2002 - Rank 38
2001 - Rank 2
2000 - Rank 27

It is very clear that the problem lies with the offensive co-ordinator and for that matter with Frank Beamer. Frank has done so much to build up Virginia Tech - but it has become painfully obvious that he does not have what it takes to take Tech to the next level. His loyalty to his staff (i.e. Stynespring) has hindered his ability to coach the team to national championship contention. As long as Stynespring is running the offense we will never win a national championship.