Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Road Trip No. 4: VT at BC

Gobbler Country Road Trip No. 4
Football: BYU at TCU
Amon Carter Stadium
Fort Worth, Texas

Hockey: Bowling Green at Boston College
Conte Forum
Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Football: Virginia Tech at Boston College
Alumni Stadium
Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Miles Round Trip: 3,800 (400 drive, 3,400 flight)
Total Dollars Spent: $530 ($340 flight, $50 gas, $50 food and drink, $90 tickets)

I apologize there aren't a lot of photos from this trip. I forgot the camera for the hockey game I was in no mood to be snapping photos at the football game.

First up was a Thursday night football game between TCU and BYU. I was impressed with how full Amon Carter Stadium was for a Thursday night game. The east stands were packed and included a lot of BYU fans. I'd say the crowd was at least 35 percent pro-mormon for the game.

At first we sat high up in the upper deck before moving down the TCU student section for the fourth quarter. The students were rowdy, but overall the crowd wasn't too into the game. It would be the same two nights later in Alumni Stadium.

The hockey game was fun. My first college hockey game had been the BC-Notre Dame national title game back in April. There were a lot of students on hand, but not many others, probably since the Eagles were playing Bowling Green. The band really added to the atmosphere and unlike the game in Denver, they weren't stuck in the upper deck.

Saturday in Boston was fun. I got to go out and see Chestnut Hill and surrounding neighborhoods before heading to the tailgate. Brian from BC Interruption and company put on a pretty good tailgate for a bunch of yankees. Plenty of food, booze and cornhole.

(Don't know what cornhole is? Click here.)

Brian was the only member of BC Interruption in attendance Saturday because apparently Jeff couldn't get a hall pass because he's a domesticated pussy (I keed, I keed). Brian and I partnered up for cornhole, but were defeated by Brian's fiancee and one of his friends. It was a truly embarrassing moment for the entire blogosphere. Hopefully we can get a rematch next year in Blacksburg. Of course, next year we'll play on the Hokie boards.

Speaking of embarrassing moments: The game.

The Hokies came out on fire and got 10 quick points thanks to turnovers. It turned out the Hokies' best offense was on the field at the same time as Chris Crane. No offensive touchdowns.

The two biggest drives of the game came after Tech's field goal to make it 10-0 and after the second Pick 6. Crane led the Eagles right down the field and answered to make it 10-7 BC and 28-18 BC, respectively. Those two drives really to the wind out of the Hokies' sails.

As for the atmosphere inside the stadium, there really wasn't any. The SuperFans did their job, as they always do. They have more fun than any student section I've ever been around. The rest of the stadium was a tomb. That is, except for the piped in noise that was constant, even during play.

I'm pretty sure what BC does is against ACC rules. The band and student section noise is played over the speakers, even when play is going on. It was despicable. They also turned their big screens, which are between the goal posts, into strobe lights whenever Keys lined up for a field goal. That's just gamesmanship and plenty or places do that. But the amplified noise can't be legal.

Also, the students rushed the field after the game. What a joke. They just beat a team that had already lost a game and was in the Top 20, not the Top 10. And, it was the same team they had beaten the previous two years as well. Nice job, BC students.

Amon Carter Stadium

The Frog

Late in the game

Celebrating with the Frogs. The TCU Gestapo wouldn't let the fans storm the field, which they should have been allowed to do.

Is "ass-kicking" hyphenated?

BC hockey at Conte Forum

Hokies take the field vs. BC



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The Big Guy said...

If your point is that we (yes I'm a BC student) had no right to storm the field, your absolutely correct. I mean we were favored to win the game. But we didn't storm the field as you think.

Before you criticize us and assume we stormed the field please understand the circumstances. If you noticed we didn't rush the field right after the game. As is customary, the band played Alma Mater as the players gathered in a circle at the end zone and prayed. Then after the players urged fans from the student end zone section to come celebrate, we took up the offer to join them on the field. This happened several minutes after the last play of the game. A storming of the field occurs the moment the game ends and everyone is rushing to tear down goal posts etc.. (see Oregon State vs. USC, that is storming the field)