Monday, October 20, 2008

Some quick BC thoughts

I am officially on the "Fire Bryan Stinespring" bandwagon. I agree that the team's current offense is the one that gives it the best chance to win. The power run game does help the defense win. Look at the Oklahoma. The Sooners score almost too quickly, keeping their defense on the field longer and by the end they're tired.

However, Virginia Tech's defense gets stronger as games go on. They don't get tired. They get better. In second halves, our defense has been spectacular.

That said, Stiney is not the guy who needs to be calling plays. He is completely inept. The Hokies are the easiest team in the country to scheme for because they never do anything different. It's the same tired shit week after week.

I haven't watched the DVR of the game yet. I might never watch it. We had no business losing that game. We also had no business being in it at the end.

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