Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Q&A with Eagle in Atlanta

Eagle in Atlanta was kind enough to answer some questions about the Eagles to prepare us for Saturday's game. He gives us an informative look at what to expect from BC in the game.

Click here for my answers to his questions.

Q: Earlier this year, I called BC a "good field, no hit" team, meaning it had an exceptional defense and a stagnant offense. Has that changed or should we still expect a low-scoring game this weekend?

Despite the recent scoring outbursts vs Georgia Tech and NC State, I still expect this game to be relatively low scoring. Just look at last year when both offenses were better. The first game was 14-10 and the ACCCG was 30-16 (with both sides scoring a defensive TD).

I don't think BC's offense is stagnant. More error prone if anything. They will move the ball and have big play capability. The key will be if Chris Crane makes any drive killing mistakes.

Q: Which Chris Crane is going to show up Saturday? The one that was benched against Rhode Island or the one that beat NC State almost single-handedly?

I hope for the NC State Chris Crane. I expect something in between. It really depends on what Bud Foster does on defense. I think Jags and Logan will roll with whatever works. If the running game is clicking, they will stick with it. If the passing game clicks, they will stick with it.

As for Crane, I think he can move the ball, but his career day was also a product of NC State's scheme. He was under very little pressure and could sit back and wait for his spots in the zone. I doubt Virginia Tech will be as vanilla. I also think they can generate pass rush with just their front four. That will force Crane to rush a bit. From that could come big plays (for both teams).

Q: What does BC's running back situation look like right now? Josh Haden was supposed to take the reins this year, but has been hobbled by injury. Will he play against the Hokies and how many running backs will we see carry the ball Saturday?

Three guys will get carries Saturday night. True freshmen Josh Haden and Montel Harris and returning JR Jeff Smith. Haden is healthy and should play. Despite his size, he has decent power and is pretty good between the tackles. Harris has been the surprise. He's shown a great feel for the offense and good burst in space. He's also been better than expected in pass protection. Smith has the raw speed (he's the ACC champ in the 100 meters). He has yet to consistently perform out of our base offense.

Q: We know the Eagles have a great front seven, anchored by Brace, Raji and Toal. They dominated Sean Glennon in the last two regular season meetings, but how do you think they will far against a more mobile quarterback in Tyrod Taylor?

Mobile QBs have been an issue. Nesbitt and Wilson both made plays with their legs against BC. However, I think BC will adjust this week. Perhaps be less aggresive and play back -- waiting for Taylor. BC did the same thing against Marcus Vick in 2005. Vick picked apart the D with his arm for one of his better nights. I think they want challenge Taylor to beat them by passing 25+ times and hopefully live off his mistakes.

Q: Which BC players do you expect to have big games against the Hokies?

Haden is due for a breakout performance. This is a big stage and the offense will put the ball in his hands early. I hope he responds.

Q: Finally, do you like BC playing Virginia Tech every year or is there another Coastal team you would rather see anually?

The cross divisional rival game is a gripe of many BC fans. We like playing VT. We just think that type of scheduling is unfair. For example, Wake gets Duke every year. Regardless of how much they improve, that game will never be as consistently tough as going to Lane. I would prefer a pure rotation. I know it will never happen though so BC fans and players should let it go and embrace the new tradition.


Winfield Featherston said...

you may have seen this you may not have, but Dr. Saturday likes you guys to go to the ACCC


Brian said...

"Therein lies the biggest difference between Virginia Tech and BC. The Hokies have been tested by a stern schedule (East Carolina, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Nebraska); the Eagles have not (Kent State, Rhode Island, Central Florida)."

I'll concede that the Hokies have played tougher competition, but I like how the author conveniently excludes your I-AA game against Furman (and W. Kentucky, pretty much a I-AA) but puts Rhode Island on there. Also he leaves off NCSU.

See what you want to see I guess ... :p

furrer4heisman said...

tats what you get for reading teel.

brian said...

I don't regularly read that dude, just came through via Google alerts. Just saying ... NCSU beat ECU.

furrer4heisman said...

...and ecu beat vt...and vt beat gt...and gt beat bc...

its all cyclical.

cgb said...

Hasn't Toal been at BC for about the last 6 seasons.

Erik said...

Almost 6 seasons! Medical redshirt last year.