Thursday, October 9, 2008

College Football's Version of a Snuff Film

I give you Tony Franklin cleaning out his office and leaving the Auburn football facility today.

You won't enjoy this. In fact, you'll probably feel really dirty after watching it.

From, linked on the TSL free board.

UPDATE: The video is no longer free. Sad face. Here's what you missed: An unshaven Tony Franklin, dressed in a blue Auburn coaches polo and cargo shorts, makes several trips in and out of his office carrying boxes to his silver SUV.

Meanwhile, the two yay-hoos filming it are snickering away and trying to ask Franklin questions. First they ask, "not wasting any time, Tony?"

To Franklin's credit, he didn't punch them in the throat. Instead, he muttered "don't see any reason ... to ... hang around," and continued packing. Later, as he was about to leave they asked him what his favorite thing was about coaching Auburn. Franklin refused comment.

The end is Franklin driving away in his car while the two guys film him going off into the distance.

SECOND UPDATE: From The Wiz, we can at least embed the money shot:
Tony Franklin leaves Auburn

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