Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bye Week Game Post

Perfect weekend for a bye. Leave your thoughts on any game you'd like in the comments. Here are the games I'm watching. Keep in mind, I have a three TV set up in the living room. It isn't exactly Phil Steele's set up that he shows in this year's magazine, but it gets the job done.

Week 7
Noon: OU vs. Texas (ABC)
Noon: Minnesota at Illinois (ESPN)
Noon-thirty: South Carolina at Kentucky (Raycom Affiliate)
3:30: Tennessee at Georgia (CBS)
3:30: Notre Dame at North Carolina (ESPN)
3:30: Michigan State at Northwestern (ESPN2)
8:00: LSU at Florida (CBS)
8:00: Penn State at Wisconsin (ESPN)
8:00: Oklahoma State at Missouri (ESPN2)
9:30: Air Force at San Diego State (The MTN)
10:15: UCLA at Oregon (FSN)

Bye Week Viewing Guide

All games ranked on the bourbon scale (apologies to TSL's bourbonstreet and Wild Turkey CFR are in order): 4 bourbons = must watch; 3 bourbons = still great football; 2 bourbons = only if you have a rooting interest; 1 bourbon = just check the box score.

4 Bourbons

1. OU vs. Texas (Dallas)
Best game of the day, bright and early. OU's going to win by two touchdowns. How do I know? The ghost of Alfalfa Bill Murray told me. That's how.

2. LSU at Florida
I have no clue who's going to win this one, which is why I'm so giddy to watch it. I'll be rooting for Florida, though, and here's why:

3 Bourbons

3. Notre Dame at North Carolina
This game gets higher billing because I'm an ACC homer and it involves the opportunity to root against Notre Dame.

4. Penn State at Wisconsin
The Wisconsin band is back. But will it be enough to keep the Badgers from going 0-3 in the Big Ten? Probably not. I knew Wisconsin was overrated this year.

5. Oklahoma State at Missouri
If you're a fan of oodles of sweet, sweet, delicious points, this might actually be worth four bourbons to you. Plus you get to see Heisman candidate Chase Daniel(s) give me a fantasy team a victory, single-handedly.

6. Tennessee at Georgia
Tennessee's defense is good. But do you really think they're going to score more than 14 points this time around against the Dawgs?

2 Bourbons

7. Minnesota at Illinois
If the Gophers win, they're bowl eligible. Really hard to believe.

8. South Carolina at Kentucky
The Yin to the OSU-MU Yang. This one's for defensive-minded folks.

9. Air Force at San Diego State
Yes, I'm really high on Air Force this year. You get to see some hot flexbone action (that should be a porn title) against former Oklahoma OC Chuck Long.

1 Bourbon

10. Central Florida at Miami

11. UCLA at Oregon
I think both teams are down to their third-string quarterbacks. But it will be the only game on at midnight, so you might as well watch if you haven't passed out.

12. Purdue at Ohio State
This game is usually close.

13. The combined thrashings that will be Nebraska at Texas Tech and Colorado at Kansas
You only need to watch this if your favorite team is playing one of the teams involved next week.

14. Iowa at Indiana
Dude. Seriously. The OU-Texas game's on. Change the channel.

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