Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Road Trip Advice Needed

I'm driving to the Virginia Tech-Maryland game on Thursday, Nov. 6. However, I'd like to hit a game on Saturday on the way back to the Sooner State. Keep in mind it needs to be somewhat on the way back home and the availability of tickets factors in as well.

The best game to go to would be Bama-LSU in Baton Rouge, but finding a ticket for a reasonable price would be impossible.

So where should I go? Fire away in the comments.

Games I'm Considering:
Wyoming at Tennessee
- Neyland is overrated but probably needs to be seen.
Alabama at LSU
- Going just to tailgate might be worth it.
Georgia at Kentucky
- Wish it was UK at UGa.
Florida at Vanderbilt
- Could this be the SEC game of the week?
Penn State at Iowa
- Always wanted to see Kinnick.
Oklahoma at Texas A&M
- Impossible to get to, but could find a ticket easily.
Bowling Green at Ohio
- They know how to party in Athens. Trust me.
Mount Union at Otterbein
- D3's best team.


Anonymous said...

When I go on roadtrips, I always want to see and be in the stadium so that would rule out the LSU game for me. I would probably do Tennessee and Wyoming just to see Neyland Stadium and to experience the Vol Navy.

cgb said...

Alabama vs LSU, that could be the game of the year.

FriarTuck00 said...

My vote is for the Mt. Union/Otterbein game. Coming from someone who went to a D3 school, I can say that as great as an afternoon at Lane Stadium can be, there's nothing like D3 football. And Mount Union is simply the best.

Since '99 they are 126-5. They've played in the Stagg Bowl (the D3 title game) every year this decade except '04. If you want to see a great football team, go to the Mount Union game.