Friday, November 14, 2008

2008-09 Gobbler Country Basketball Expectations

Here's what I want from Seth and the boys this season:

1. Make the NCAA Tournament
Anything else will be considered a disappointment.

2. A Fired-up AD Vassallo
I'd love to see the AD that played in the ACC Tournament and NIT. Not the AD that had a tendency to loaf and disappear in games.

3. Less Beamerball
I think the offense has come along enough that we can dictate the pace a little more instead of relying only on stingy defense to win games. The Clemson loss infuriated me last year because I thought we let Clemson take control of the pace and let the game come to us.

4. This Becomes Malcolm's Team
In our Q&A with Tech Hoops, Niemo had a good point that leadership doesn't always have to come from seniors. This is especially true in basketball where the best players often don't stay four years. Sophomore point guard Malcolm Delaney can be the leader of this team. I expect him to take control early and the be vocal leader.

5. A Bye in Atlanta
Finish in the Top 4 of the ACC again this year and only need three wins to take the tournament crown.

6. Quit Losing to Mediocre Teams
This probably cost us a spot in the Tournament last year.

7. One Big Non-Conference Win
Whether its someone in the Puerto Rico tournament or Wisconsin at home, we need a non-conference win that sticks out on our resume.

8. Defend the Cassell
We get Duke and Carolina at home in back-to-back games toward the end of the season. One of those games needs to be a win.

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