Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 10 Game Post

Feel free to leave your thoughts on any game you'd like in the comments.

Once again, the bye week couldn't come at a better time. Both for Tech and for watching games that don't involve Tech. The Coke Orgy tops the list of games to watch, followed by a battle of the unbeatens in Texas. The undercard is lacking, but who needs an undercard with those two games I'll be tailgating and then attending the OU-Nebraska game, so there isn't a set watch list for me this weekend. But, you do get the return of the Bourbon Rankings.

Again, with apologies to B-Street, WTCFR and Big Daddy Drew:

4 Bourbons

1. Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville) | 3:30 | CBS

Winner is in the driver's seat for the SEC East and could get a shot at the National Title if they win out. Georgia's celebration in last year's game is getting way too much play. The Gators are more angry they lost the game.

2. Texas at Texas Tech | 8:00 | ABC

Texas has looked invincible, but it's a night game in Lubbock. Oklahoma went down against the Red Raiders in a similar circumstance last year.

3 Bourbons

3. Wisconsin at Michigan State | Noon | ESPN

Now that Wisconsin has gotten its first Big Ten win, it's a threat to play spoiler to teams with Big Ten and January bowl aspirations. First up is Sparty, which is still riding high after knocking off Big Brother.

4. Florida State at Georgia Tech | 3:30 | ABC/ESPN

The biggest game in the ACC this week. FSU is looking to put a choke hold on the Atlantic. Georgia Tech is looking to stay alive in the Coastal. It will be fun to watch FSU's offense against GT's defense.

2 Bourbons

5. Northwestern at Minnesota | Noon | ESPN2

The two surprise teams in the Big Ten square off. Should be an interesting game.

6. Miami at Virginia | Noon | Raycom

The other big game in the ACC. A lot will be learned about both teams.

7. Oregon at Cal | 3:30 | ABC

Eh, it'll at least be fun to watch.

8. Tulsa at Arkansas | 1:00 | GamePlan

Gus Malzahn vs. Arkansas.

1 Bourbon

9. Iowa at Illinois | 3:30 | ABC/ESPN

Shonn Greene is quietly having a huge year for the Hawks. The Illini's high-powered offense seems to come and go as it pleases.

10. Clemson at Boston College | 3:30 | ESPNU

Clemson has to win to have a shot at a bowl.

11. Nebraska at Oklahoma | 8:00 | ESPN

Just imagine it's 1971.

12. Tennessee at South Carolina | 7:00 | ESPN2

Just watch the first hour until the Texas-Texas Tech game is on.

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