Saturday, November 22, 2008

Duke Game Post

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments. I'll be tailgating and going to the OU-Texas Tech game tonight, so you'll get nothing from me today. However, the game's on ESPNU which means I can DVR it.

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Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to feel embarrassed that we won this game? I have never felt so bad after a Hokie win. If Macho Harris was not so much better than anyone else on the field and without the defense where would we be?

The offense was completely anemic even if you don't count the turnovers. I don't know what was more predictable Evans running right for us or Duke running the ball up the middle.

Tyrod had a bad quarter plus of football. Glennon had one good drive for 7. No Tyrod at all in the second half just Glennon and a few runs by Boone at QB. I guess now Glennon will finish the year even though he did nothing in the second half, so we will be right back where we were last season.

Almost wish Macho would not have scored on that last INT so the score would have been 7-3 and thus not making the win and Stinespring look ok to those who did not watch the game. This is getting lengthy and I could keep going, but lots of things stunk about this game right from the jump with having to watch the end of Alcorn and whoever and missing half of the first quarter of the Tech game.