Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ACC Best of the Blogs: Week 10


BC All Access: Boston College Reputation
"The more attention Boston College gets in athletics, the more appeal BC has to students. BC may not be Ivy League yet (very close), but no school can match the balance that Boston College maintains between school and sports. I think the two go hand in hand. The future bodes well for BC. It is no accident BC was ranked the #7 dream school by the Princeton Review last year."

BC Interruption: Clemson Grounds The Eagles 27-21
"Brian: Well, this is what I saw. I realize this is before the game, but really?! The announcers said there were 4,000 Clemson fans at the game and it looked like they outnumbered BC fans in the stadium pregame 4 to 1. Sad."

Eagle in Atlanta: Second viewing thoughts and grade report: Clemson
"As for this game. The added perspective I spoke of was disheartening. Chris Crane was actually worse than I thought watching it live. The offensive line was also worse than I thought. The D has its problems, which I’ll get to, but wasn’t terrible. The special teams was what you saw. Now onto the grades."


Block-C: Road Trip: Boston, Part 1
"The team seems as if it is no longer struggling to find itself. They’re starting to come together and they’re starting to play like they care and that they have a purpose. They ran through pregame drills with a certain concentration and pop they haven’t had previously. They displayed in different ways that they were now united as a team."

Sporting Gnomes: Don’t bother pinching yourself
"Oh well, the ACC is all F’d up and anyone can win this thing. Clemson is a long shot but I have to say that it feels nice to win a game like that and get some hope back in Tiger Town."


Dudespin: Woe in Winston
"While it's both easy and accurate to compare this game to 2006 (and had this blog existed back then, I might have set a record for longest post with the most expletives), this game was worth a lot more, potentially costing us the long-anticipated DudeMania: Idaho.


Chant Rant: Florida State Discovers a Downside
To Living On The Edge

"So here's the silver lining in the debacle at Bobby Dodd. Now this team knows that its Garnet & Gold Guardian Angel will not be there every week to deliver a miracle comeback. The hard-bitten lesson to be learned is to get ahead, stay ahead and not let good teams off the mat (Miami, Ga. Tech). "

Scalp 'Em: Next Week Is The Bigger Test Believe It Or Not
"Now, with all that out there, the Clemson game next weekend is a bigger test than Georgia Tech. Not because Clemson is a better team than the Yellow Jackets, but because next weekend is all about FSU’s mental state. Last week I said we’ve seen fast starts by FSU in recent years, only to watch them crumble. So far, FSU is 0-for-1 in their final five games, aka the tough part of the schedule."

Tomahawk Nation: Putting the Georgia Tech loss in perspective
"I feel I need to talk about this. I don't want to fire Mickey Andrews. I do want to see Jody Allen gone. What is the difference? One has done a good job for a long time, and one has consistently done a bad job. Some people believe that Mickey (and to a greater extent Bobby) were good coaches because they realized they had freakish athletes and didn't get in the way. We do see this an extent with Mickey, as his predominantly man schemes sometimes appear stale and we often struggle with gimmick offenses, or anything that isn't the I-Formation. My best guess is that Mickey has 1 more year, and nobody expects him to stay after Bobby leaves. Is it too late for him to conquer the spread? I'm not sure at this point. What do you think? I do know that the Noles are lucky that the spread hasn't spread all over the ACC like it has to other conferences. Mickey has been more imaginative this year than in previous years, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He failed in THIS game, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been a big time success throughout his stay at FSU."


The Legacy x4: Monday NO CLASS Update 11/03/08
"We beat the FSU Seminoles, and I was there to see it. It was a rollercoaster of a game, and I really cannot come up with the words to describe it. I was listening to one of our greatest fans speaking to some of our star players later that night, and he said, "You guys did something that everyone has been waiting a loooooong time to see. That was really something special. Congratulations.""


Turtle Waxing: Terps in driver's seat
"If Da'Rel Scott cannot play on Thursday due to his shoulder injury the running game is in good hands with freshman Davin Meggett. The steady and productive Meggett gets the star treatment in the Washington Post today. Virginia Tech's defense is not up to the usual Bud Foster level but it is probably the best run defense that the Terps have faced so far this season. It will be interesting to see if Meggett and the offensive line will be able to move the ball on the ground."


All Canes: Miami 24, Virginia 17 (OT)
"Jacory Harris, again playing the role of back up, was reinserted late in the third quarter and remained the ringleader down the stretch. With 8:01 on the clock and with Miami staring at 95 yards of real estate between where they were and where they needed to get, Harris channeled his inner high school senior and went to work."

Hall of Canes: Defense Rises Up
"Now a big concern is the Canes' battered offensive line, which suffered injuries to tackles Jason Fox and Chris Rutledge on Saturday. Canes coach Randy Shannon said Sunday he does not expect either injury to be serious."


Tar Heel Fan: Initiating The Butch Davis Watch
"Phil Fulmer is done at Tennessee which means Butch Davis’ name will be tossed around in the media like beach ball at a pool party. Couple this with last week’s heated response to a reporter linking Davis to contact with Clemson and you can begin taking bets on whether Davis stays or goes. Based on the Butch Davis Watch Alert System I used last season(which I will update at some point and post) we are at BLUE which is “Davis loves UNC but will not issue a straightfoward commitment to his future in Chapel Hill” mode."


Section Six: That's just, like, your opinion, man.
"Vanderbilts, Dude."


Good Ol' Blog: Aggression
"A quick thought on the game calling: Doc Walker commented that he loved Mike Groh’s aggressive play calling. Well, I didn’t. Verica is an accurate quarterback and has connected deep a bunch of times this season. But taking a shot here and there is okay. Taking shots again and again rather than sustaining a drive through to the endzone is not. These are low probability play calls — and they should not take the place of Virginia strength of running the football and possession receiving."

From Old Virginia: Can we still win it?
"Let's be honest about two things. One, our chances for winning the Coastal Division would not really have increased by winning this game, and they didn't decrease too dramatically by losing. We no longer control our destiny, but Miami is the only team we need some help with, and both Techs are capable of beating them."


College Game Balls: GameDay Signs - Lubbock, Texas
"“Give Texas CRABS” was an under the radar All American sign this week."

VT Fan: Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Hokie Hoops
"4. Out of Conference Games - many years Virginia Tech has hurt itself with bad losses to out of conference opponents early in the season. This is normally as the team is gelling and just gets beat by a team that comes back to haunt them when NCAA tournament selection time comes. Can the Hokies avoid a stupid loss to Navy, Garner-Webb, or Mt. St Mary’s this year, and better yet get a good win against Missouri, Xavier or Wisconsin in the ACC - Big 10 challenge?"


Old Gold and Blog: Back on the Winning Track
"Hopefully the win over Duke this weekend provided this team some momentum as they need it. This weekend the Deacs host a very very tough Virginia team. Gametime for that one is 3:30 PM on ESPNU."

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