Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's Do Some Lines: Week 14

Last regular season picks of the year. Lines are from Doc Sports. My picks are in bold.

Miami -1.5 at NC State
- Yeah, I'm on the bandwagon.
Georgia Tech +8 at Georgia
- Should be fun to watch.
Virginia +8 at Virginia Tech
- You didn't think I'd bet on the 'Hoos, did you?
South Carolina +1.5 at Clemson
- Dabo gets bowl eligible.
Maryland +7 at Boston College
- Good Chris Crane, Bad Chris Crane and now No Chris Crane.
North Carolina -8.5 at Duke
- Won't be in the vicinity of close.
Vanderbilt +4 at Wake Forest
- Vandy continues to limp home.
Florida -16.5 at Florida State
- Bobby would rather beat Florida than win the ACC. He won't do either.

Other Teams I Like:

Oklahoma State +7 vs. Oklahoma
- Always a barn-burner in Stilly.
Auburn +14.5 at Alabama
- Always root for chaos.
Southern Miss -13.5 at SMU
- Eagles have been soaring.
Cincinnati -22 vs. Syracuse
- 'Cuse blew its load last week.
Ball State -11 vs. Western Michigan
- Fine, I'll bet on Ball State.

How I Did Last Week Against the Spread:

ACC: 3-3
Correct: NCSU, Clemson, Duke
Wrong: Miami, Wake, FSU
Nation: 0-5 (Impressive.)
Correct: None
Wrong: Air Force, Houston, Washington, Texas Tech, UConn

Year to Date:

ACC: 40-31-1
Nation: 33-30
Total: 73-61-1


Brian said...

... so f4h, you are 4-6 when picking BC and 2-5 when picking BC in ACC games. Given that trend, I'm glad you picked the Twerps.

furrer4heisman said...

youve been keeping track???

Brian said...

nah, just a little back of the envelope math.

go bc!
go hokies!