Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Road Trip No. 6: VT vs. Maryland

Gobbler Country Road Trip No. 6
Football: Maryland at Virginia Tech
Lane Stadium
Blacksburg, Va.

Miles Round Trip: 2,200
Total Dollars Spent: $320 ($200 gas, $50 food and drink, $40 ticket, $30 souvenirs)

Yeah, I cut this one short and came home on Friday. Needed to save money for the trip back for Thanksgiving and the UVa game. I still hit most the stops I wanted to, as you'll see below.

What Impressed Me
- Corky's BBQ. That's a given.
- Cody Freaking Grimm. Damn, son, damn.
- Maryland fans. Not as big of ass holes as advertised.
- My car's gas mileage, which was better than ever.

What Didn't Impress Me
- The weather. The fact I wore short sleeves at Lane in November is unacceptable.
- Maryland's defensive line.
- Corky's new bread pudding. I'm the world's biggest fan of bread pudding, but theirs was overcooked. I like my bread pudding creamy, not crispy. I'll stick to their pe-can pie from here on out. That's what I get for breaking from tradition.
- My ability to not be a belligerent drunk during the game.

The traditional pit stop at Corky's.

Hokie House.

TOTS. Rails, FTW. I had two rails on an empty stomach at 1 p.m. on gameday and was hammered.

Greatest license plate ever?

Outside of Lane.

The World Famous Clubhouse Tailgate.

Communion call for Maryland. My first home game communion.

Hokies take the field. There's a reason the photo is slanted and it has nothing to do with me trying to be artistic.

Lane at night.

OMG!!1 Our hero was in the house! Will M.F.-ing Furrer returns to Blacksburg!

Points on the board means girls in the air.

Hello, win column!

Car on fire on 81. About a 20 minute delay on the drive home.

The Appy State equipment truck on its way to Chattanooga.


Winfield Featherston said...

Yeah, everytime Dane and I talk about a roadtrip it starts with "Let's pull a Gobbler...and do all this"

furrer4heisman said...

im not even going to touch the phrase "pull a gobbler".