Sunday, November 16, 2008

ACC Roundtable No. 4

Brendan over at From Old Virginia (yes, it's a 'Hoo blog) is hosting this edition of the ACC Roundtable. He should have the round-up posted in the middle of the week.

1. Take a look into your team's past, as far back as you like. If you could pick one game and change its outcome, which would you choose and why?

This one's easy. I'd have us beat Florida State for the 1999 national championship. Once you have an MNC, it changes everything. Until the Hokies get a title, they won't be considered elite. Finishing off the 'Noles in the fourth quarter would have accomplished that.

2. What non-ACC program most resembles yours?

I'd have to say Oregon. I compared us to a team from each BCS conference back in August, but of all the teams, it would be Oregon. But without the big-money booster. Both teams have wacky bird mascots, a rabid fan base with high expectations and a smaller stadium that is known for being hostile. But most importantly, both have had a lot of recent success, but haven't been able to make that jump to being elite.

3. Which do you prefer? The ACC of 2008: not too well respected around the nation, but a conference in which almost any team has a shot at the conference title? Or the ACC of 1998: getting plenty of respect from football pundits as a good conference, but dominated by one hegemonic superpower that we all hate?

Simple: If we're the hegemonic superpower, then 1998. If we aren't, 2008.

4. Hey, it's basketball season! What are your expectations for your team? What kind of season would make you happy?

A berth in the NCAA Tournament would make me happy. We were an extremely young team that almost went to the tournament anyway last season. This year almost all these kids have a full year of tough ACC play under their belt. If we can find a guy to be our stopper on defense, we should finish in the Top 4 in the ACC and get around a five or six seed in the NCAA Tournament. We bolstered our non-conference schedule to help the RPI and avoid being the last team out like last season.

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