Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On the road again...

I'm on the road to Blacksburg today to see the Hokies in a Thursday Night Special. Plenty of posts scheduled for today, though.

Unless Thursday's game makes me mad enough to just turnaround and drive home Friday, here's what I'll be doing this weekend:

- Eat at Corky's in Jackson, Tenn. If you haven't been there, you just don't know. If you ever go, get the pe-can pie with ice cream.

- Drinks at Hokie House.
- Go see the guys at the Clubhouse Tailgate.
- Beat Maryland.
- Close down Top of the Stairs.

- Go see relatives.
- George Washington at Halifax County.

- GT at UNC in Chapel Hill.
- Dinner at Napoli's in Gretna, Va.

- Eat at Corky's in Jackson, Tenn.

Unfortunately, the weather will be perfect for Thursday's game. How on earth temperatures can be in the high 60's/low 70's in Blacksburg in November is beyond me. I may not even have to wear sleeves on Thursday. What a shame.

And check out the Weather Channel's new college football pages. They have in-depth weather details for each game as well as team's records under certain conditions. It's a big improvement over what they had earlier this season.

Enjoy the posts today (including a Best of the Blogs) and I'll see you all on Monday.


cztuck said...

Are you from Halifax County? I'm originally from Lynchburg and have family in Halifax County. Where do you live now?

John said...

Corkys is awesome! Maybe I'll see you around HoHo, your blog is my best excuse for not doing work right now.

furrer4heisman said...

my family's from near brookneal. technically, the farm's in nathalie, but its closer to brookneal.

cztuck said...


That's amazing!! My dad's family is from Brookneal and my mom's family is in Nathalie, near Volens. I grew up in Lynchburg, about 45 min to an hour away. I'm in North Carolina now, but all of my family still lives up there.

BTW, I love your blog. You do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work!