Monday, November 24, 2008

Public Enemy No. 1

As we all know, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia france, thus guaranteeing himself the title of "Worst Human Ever". But there are so many more reasons to hate this man.

Other Reasons to Hate TJ

- Notoriously bad tipper.
- Had George Clinton as Vice President but refused to appoint any members of Parliament Funkadelic to cabinet positions.
- Invented rape.
- On the $2 bill, the most pretentious of American currency.
- Never once gave a "courtesy wave" to a motorist who allowed him to cut into an exit lane in traffic.
- Routinely drank the last of the water from the purifier and placed the empty pitcher back in the refrigerator without filling it up.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch. Feel free to add your own in the comments.


cgb said...

That piece of shit is always standing in front of the soda fountain drinking as he fills up his cup. Move out of the way asshole!

Sid Bream Speed said...

I heard he was also the brains behind Toyota's "Saved by Zero" commercials...

Dane said...

Bad tipper? The cocksucker always "splits the bill," but only takes the price of the shit he ordered and rounds down, and leaves everyone else with the tax and tip.

Then he calls shotgun before everyone even gets outside, and changes the radio station without permission of the driver.

Oh, and he always drinks your beers, but never brings over a six pack or anything. Beer buzzard.

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