Friday, December 5, 2008

ACCCG Marketing at its Finest

Great post over at ACC Football Report. Marcus lives in the Tampa Bay area and has seen no promotion leading up to Saturday's game whatsoever.

The ACC created its "Road to Tampa Bay" campaign to get ACC folks excited for its championship and the new location. However, the league apparently forgot that in order to have a good crowd, the locals have to take ownership of the event as well.

So when you see blimp shots that put last year's game to shame, don't blame BC and VT fans. Blame the ACC and its inability to market the game where it was needed most.


Vincent said...

MadJay said...

For goodness sake, the SEC set the blueprint and laid it all out for everyone. You take a location near the geographic center of all of your teams with an NFL stadium and you market it from day one of the season until the end of the season. The Big 12 followed suit and did the same thing. Is it a coincidence that those two conferences have massively well attended title games every season?

Geez, if only the ACC had a central location with an NFL stadium to use that they could have chosen from the beginning. Oh wait!!! Of course, Charlotte, NC. So instead they go to Jacksonville (already too far south), then move it to Tampa (nicely done) and wait until their 4th year to begin the all-season marketing trick.

I already disliked John Swofford a great deal (he is a PR disaster as BCS commissioner) and this ACC title situation has been incompetently handled from day one. The conference now reaps what was sewn with what is going to be a poorly attended title game for the third year in a row. They could have solved the problem in 2005 and instead chose poorly, based on an assumption that it would be Miami-FSU in the title games. Pisses me off to no end and it further marginalizes the conference on a national stage.

P.S. Nice video Vincent. Unfortunately, you made it for the wrong team.

furrer4heisman said...

Oh Vincent. Thank you for blessing us with your non-threatening, video-based smack talk on not one, but two posts on an opponent's blog.

They would not listen
They're not listening still
Perhaps they never will

MadJay said...

BC was going to the ship alright, and they went down with the ship. The Eagles gave a good effort. Enjoy Nashville. It's a fun town. Beat Vandy (or Kentucky, whichever).