Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No "In Waiting" Deal for Foster

Per the surprisingly on-top-of-things Heather Dinich:

Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver said today officials have nixed the idea of a head-coach-in-waiting plan for defensive coordinator Bud Foster or anyone else on staff for that matter. [...]

"I've talked to our president, and I've talked to coach [Frank] Beamer and we see the coach-in-waiting concept as something that's viable for a year, maybe a maximum of two years if you know there's going to be transition, but coach Beamer could be here another eight, 10, 12 years and we just don't think that's the kind of arrangement we want to have with that kind of tenure still possible," Weaver said.

If this isn't Bud's last year on staff, next year probably will be. His time to take a decent head coaching job is starting to run out. Eventually, some school will offer him the reigns and he'll have to take them.

This is really disappointing. Beamer announced earlier this week that Stinespring will stay, even though he has another game left this season to piss off Hokie fans and leave another bad taste in our mouths for eight months. Now, Foster isn't going to get a HCIW deal I think he deserves.

The crossroads is still coming. Things are starting to stagnate in Hokieland and eventually we will have to deal with the fact that our time to be a national championship contender has come and gone. Hell, at this point I can see Bud leaving after next season, Stiney getting a HCIW deal and me mixing Old Crow and lacquer thinner to celebrate. I'm beginning to think my team hates me.

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