Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cincinnati on YouTube

As part of your crash-course on the Hokies' opponent for the 2009 FedEx Orange Bowl, here are select YouTube clips of Cincinnati's season.

2008 Stadium Entrance

Cincinnati 28, Pittsburgh 21

Cincinnati 26, West Virginia 23

Oklahoma 52, Cincinnati 26

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Anonymous said...

Ok off topic basketball post. We lost to UGA by 1 point who just lost by 34 to Illinois.

After a timeout the final play call is little Hank Thorns attempting to drive to the basket amongst the UGA redwood trees who have been a rebounding machine. Result is a terrible shot and we lose! I am sick of losing to the SEC, Big 10, and Big East in basketball.

Seth Greenberg get your face out of your hand and show a sense of urgency. Yes they are young, but these are division 1 scholarship players. My friends and I could have a got a better shot off in the final seconds. NIT here we come. Maybe!?