Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Open Letter to BSU's Tom Collins

To: Tom Collins
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Ball State University
HP 116
Muncie, IN 47306

Dear Mr. Collins,

I understand your head coach, Brady Hoke, has decided to leave Muncie for San Diego State. This is a very important time for you and Ball State. The man you select to replace Coach Hoke will take over a program that is coming off the best season in its history and has incredible talent.

There is only one person qualified enough to lead Ball State during its meteoric rise to elite status in college football. That person is Bryan Stinespring, the offensive coordinator at Virginia Tech.

Stinespring has directed the Virginia Tech offense since the 2002 Gator Bowl. He began as offensive coordinator shortly after the program rose from obscurity and into college football's limelight. And on his watch Virginia Tech has become one of the most consistent teams in the sport.

Virginia Tech is one Orange Bowl win away from its fifth consecutive 10-win season. Only Texas and USC can make the same claim!

Stinespring has helped develop such talent as Kevin Jones and Eddie Royal. Jones had a spectacular career at Virginia Tech and Royal is coming off an excellent rookie season in the NFL.

He's also an innovator. This year when Virginia Tech looked like it might be down to its third-string QB, he moved tight end Greg Boone under center and gave the Hokies a "Wild Turkey" package that was successful in helping the Hokies win four of their last five games and capture a second consecutive ACC title.

But the main reason you should hire Stinespring is a very simple one. He wins. No offensive coordinator has guided the Hokies to as many wins as Stinespring. The results are in his career. And he has more wins than any offensive coordinator the last five years. While Texas, USC and Oklahoma were watching their offensive coordinators take jobs elsewhere, Stinespring was plugging away in Blacksburg, collecting wins.

Stinespring deserves his chance to take the reigns of his own program. Now is the time and Ball State is the place.



ebj said...

good luck with that.

jamescola said...

You forgot to mention that Stinespring is also loyal to a fault and would never consider Ball State as a stepping stone to some other head coach position...

cgb said...


Hokie Guru said...

I will give you a plug at FBS... good post F4H.

MadJay said...

That is the sort of thinking we need, sir. Fantastic stuff and I couldn't agree with you more. Stinespring is JUST the guy for Ball State.