Monday, December 1, 2008

Why I'm Staying Home This Weekend

A quick review of the VT-BC rivalry since the Hokies and Eagles joined the ACC:

With furrer4heisman in attendance

2006: BC 22, VT 3
2007: BC 14, VT 10
2008: BC 28, VT 23

Without furrer4heisman in attendance

2005: VT 30, BC 10
2007: VT 30, BC 16
2008: ?


cgb said...

Every game I've gone to since graduating we've lost. To say the least I am jinxing us by going to Tampa and I hope being a season ticket holder next year doesn't totally fuck us.

Chili said...

This is why we stopped liveblogging and went to open threads. Bad mojo, man.. baaaad mojo.