Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stiney's Coming Back

Bryan Stinespring's seat is so hot, Frank Beamer had to make an announcement that he wouldn't be fired. Hokie fans will get at least one more year with their favorite whipping boy.

The Tech offense is very bad. And I really don't see it getting better next year. However, next year may not be all Stiney's fault. We are going to have an inverse problem from this season. This year we had an experienced offensive line and very green skill players.

Next year, all the skill players will be back and seasoned while the offensive line will see a lot of new faces. There are two seniors on the line, guard Nick Marshman and center Ryan Shuman. Junior guard Sergio Render could conceivably jump to the NFL after this season. That would mean a completely new interior for the Hokies, not something that's conducive to having a strong run game.

Bad offensive lines are the No. 1 killer of offensive coordinators. Tommy Tuberville is a close No. 2.

So, to recap: Stiney stays, the offense is bad and it probably won't be any better in 2009. Tastes like chicken.


Anonymous said...

"Stiney's Coming Back"

Grrreeaatt! sarcasm-at the risk of being obvious

Box said...

Marshman leaving is addition by subtraction for us. The dude is just a big oaf. Who can't block.

Shuman is the only loss for us (I dont think Render goes) and its a marginal one at best.

I'm not willing to cut Stiney ANY slack next year, especially not due to the OL.