Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Merry Hateful Christmas

I figured Christmas was as good a time as any to fire up the old Hate Index. Christmas is a time of joy, cheer and merriment. And nothing brought me more joy, cheer or merriment this year than rooting against the teams I dislike most. 'Twas a great year to be a hateful Hokie.

Most of the teams I loathe are staying home for the holidays. And even the ones who experienced success got the shaft. It was a beautiful, beautiful football season. Here's how the teams I root against rated on the Schadenfruede Scale, with 10 bringing me the most pleasure from someone else's pain.

Virginia (5-7): 10

The Hokies beat the Hoos for the fifth consecutive season and ninth time in the last 10 tries. Not only that, but the win gave Tech the Coastal crown and guaranteed the 'Hoos wouldn't be going bowling. It was an amazing day.

West Virginia (8-4): 7

The honeymoon for Coach Stew lasted about 20 minutes. It was beautiful to check WVU message boards for the Stew-pendous apocalypse that followed each loss.

Tennessee (5-7): 8

Didn't go bowling. Fired its legendary head coach. Hired a young whipper-snapper who's going to be in waaaaay over his head. It was fun to watch, Vols.

Miami (7-5): 5

Tough to watch them beat us, but great to watch them collapse epically in their last two games.

Louisville (5-7): 6

That 5-7 includes a fantastic 1-6 record against Big East foes. Oh, and they lost to Syracuse again, meaning they finished D.A.L. in their conference. Welcome back to irrelevancy, Cards.

Michigan (3-9): 7

This number would have been higher, but toward the end it was just sad.

Texas (11-1): Off the Chart

Yes, the Horns had the most successful season among the teams I loathe. However, they got left out of the Big 12 title game in favor of my alma mater. It was joyous to watch them B&M.

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